Ascendant Advisors, LLC

Ascendant Advisors, LLC

Legal & Privacy Policy

Ascendant Advisors, LLC is an independent registered investment adviser that maintains high standards for the conduct of its business and for the proper performance of the firm's duties with respect to its clients. All staff members are required to maintain strict confidentiality and to adhere to proper ethical standards at all times.

Protecting the privacy of our clients is important. In the course of providing services to our clients, we may collect "non-public personal information" (name, address and social security number, the types and amounts of investments, bank account information and other account data). We do not disclose non-public personal information about our clients or any of our former clients, except upon the request of the client, the client's authorized representative, a broker-dealer or custodian to process transactions, or to fulfill legal or regulatory requirements.

We conduct business as an independent registered investment adviser only and as such do not custody client securities or funds.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.