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Ascendant Funds

Ascendant Tactical Yield Fund

A Tactically Managed Fixed Income Strategy – Tactical fixed income strategy utilizing market timing & sector rotation methodologies based on proprietary research process managed by a team with a combined 90 years investment management experience.  Moreover, the management team has managed a substantially similar tactical yield strategy since November 1999 available as managed accounts.  The strategy places a large emphasis on capital preservation while attempting to deliver a high yield, competitive total return, and lower volatility than equity investments.  Exposure to various fixed income securities gained via mutual funds for liquidity, low trading costs, diversification, research, and professional management



Ascendant Deep Value Bond Fund

The Ascendant Deep Value Bond Fund seeks to maximize returns by identifying and investing in value opportunities in all sectors of the fixed income market. The fund invests broadly across the market and is not constrained by benchmark specific guidelines. We utilize a disciplined investment process that combines fundamental analysis with top down macro economic views to provide entry queues into depressed segments of the fixed income market at inflection points



Prospectus & Fact Sheet

Ascendant Tactical Yield Fund Fact Sheet: PDF