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Ascendant Funds

Ascendant Funds*

We utilize proprietary mutual funds for asset allocation and investments in client portfolios. The funds managed by Ascendant are:

Ascendant Tactical Yield Fund

A Tactically Managed Fixed Income Strategy – Tactical fixed income strategy utilizing market timing & sector rotation methodologies based on proprietary research process managed by a team with a combined 90 years investment management experience.  Moreover, the management team has managed a substantially similar tactical yield strategy since November 1999 available as managed accounts.  The strategy places a large emphasis on capital preservation while attempting to deliver a high yield, competitive total return, and lower volatility than equity investments.  Exposure to various fixed income securities gained via mutual funds for liquidity, low trading costs, diversification, research, and professional management

Ascendant Deep Value Bond Fund

The Ascendant Deep Value Bond Fund seeks to maximize returns by identifying and investing in value opportunities in all sectors of the fixed income market. The fund invests broadly across the market and is not constrained by benchmark specific guidelines. We utilize a disciplined investment process that combines fundamental analysis with top down macro economic views to provide entry queues into depressed segments of the fixed income market at inflection points

Patriot Fund

The Patriot Fund is a terror-free investment portfolio of U.S. large cap equity securities that aims for superior risk adjusted returns versus the S&P 500 over multiple market cycles. The Patriot Fund was created to give individual investors the same opportunity to divest their portfolios of companies operating in nations designated as state sponsors of terrorism that institutions have had for years. The Advisor believes that divestment, in addition to being a patriotic act, can help minimize global security risk in a portfolio. Global security risk is the risk to shareholder value and corporate reputation stemming from the intersection of a publicly traded company’s international business activities and security-related concerns, such as terrorism.

Patriot Balanced Fund

The Patriot Balanced Fund is a mutual fund providing investors a tactically managed, diversified portfolio which combines our MultiCap Equity Strategy with our Fixed Income Composite Portfolio. This strategy may be suitable for investors who are focused on long term total return and are looking for dynamic asset allocation. At times Ascendant seeks to enhance investment returns by opportunistically shifting the asset mix of the Balanced Portfolios in response to the changing market conditions.

*Each mutual fund is registered with the SEC as an open-end investment company under the Investment Company Act of 1940.