Ascendant Advisors, LLC | Asset Allocation Strategies
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Asset Allocation Strategies

Asset Allocation Strategies

Ascendant Global Allocation Program (GAP)

GAP is a WRAP fee arrangement that provides open architecture portfolios of mutual funds that are comprised of both Ascendant and non-affiliated mutual funds. Those funds are bundled together with an asset allocation overlay structured to address the client’s investment objectives, while attempting to provide a return commiserate with the risk assumed. Third-party mutual funds are chosen using Ascendant’s proprietary fund ranking system.


  • Professionally managed portfolios of mutual funds from top institutional mutual fund families and proprietary mutual funds
  • The Global Allocation Program provides a disciplined framework for implementing an investment strategy based on your goals and risk tolerance
  • Professional portfolio management includes asset allocation decisions, mutual fund selection and ongoing portfolio monitoring
  • Long-term asset allocation strategy which can help avoid the pitfall of reacting to near-term events

*Graphical representation is for illustrative purposes only
**These allocations are presented only as options and are not intended as investment advice. The investment mix that is appropriate for you depends on your age, investment horizon, goals and attitude about risk. Please consult Ascendant if you have questions about these options and how they relate to your own financial situation. The percentage allocations shown above are target allocations as of 4th quarter 2017. These target allocations, and the actual percentage allocations to each asset class, are subject to change at any time. In addition, the underlying funds included in a portfolio the may change.