Firm Overview

Firm Overview

SEC-registered investment manager since 1970

Objective and focused

Experienced leadership



Investment Philosophy

We believe that no single investment style is permanently superior, but rather styles rotate in and out of favor as the market environment changes. This investment philosophy has remained unchanged since 1970. We use quantitative research techniques to analyze fundamental and technical factors in order to identify securities we expect to outperform and then methodically rotate portfolio holdings as conditions change. An absence of long-term biases leads to the construction of portfolios based strictly upon the conviction of our objective research. Our goal is to consistently deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns for our clients over multiple market cycles.


Ascendant Advisors, LLC was originally formed in 1970 as Texas Investment Management Company, a registered investment adviser. The firm was renamed John H. Lee & Company and then in 1983 became Pension Management Company. In July 2009, the firm was purchased by a group of strategic investors and acquired new management; the firm operates today as Ascendant Advisors, LLC. The firm continues its proprietary research and active portfolio management and has greater financial resources, institutional coverage, trading capabilities and operational support.

Investment Research Credentials

1970Research department spun off from a New York Stock Exchange member firm to form a registered investment adviser
1976Expanded quantitative research through third-party providers
1979Developed advanced data treatment techniques due to expanded computer processing capability (estimated)
1987Ranked #1 of 334 managers for 1-year return and #2 for 2-year equity returns by CDA Investment Services, March ’87
1987“Top Money Manager for Small Investors” by Personal Investor Magazine
1987Proclaimed one of “The Heroes of October” for forecasting 1,000+ point decline in the DJIA by Institutional Investor
1990Ranked as one of the 10 best money managers from a universe of 1,500 by Fortune Magazine for the 1990 Investor Guide
2000A Top Performing Manager vs. 1,500 peers based on investment returns by Nelson’s World’s Best Money Managers
2001Ranked #1 out of 282 U.S. Large Cap Value Equity managers by Nelson’s for 3 years ended June ’01
2002Ranked #1 of 401 Intermediate Fixed Income managers by Nelson’s for the 12 months ended June ’02
2004Ranked #1 of 218 Intermediate Duration Fixed Income managers by Nelson’s based on 5 year returns, June ’04
2005Ranked #1 in U.S. Equity MultiCap Blend by Money Manager Review for the 12 months ended June ’05
2006Ranked #1 U.S. Large Cap Value Manager by Nelson’s based on 4-year returns
2008Ranked #1 U.S. Fixed-Income Convertibles blend manager by Money Manager Review for 7-year returns, September ’08
2009Purchased by a group of strategic investors
2009Ranked #2 MultiCap Equity Growth manager in the U.S. by Money Manager Review for 7-year returns, September ’09
201040 Year Anniversary

Third party rankings available upon request. Performance data provided to third party services (by Ascendant and other managers) are self-reported and not independently verified by CDA Investment Services, Nelson’s and the Money Manager Review.